“The main thing that was important for me to quit was, learning to love myself, and care for myself.”

Smoked/Vaped for 25 years, Tobacco-free for 5 years
5 Years Tobacco-free
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“I have been a smoker for 25 years, collectively. And I had a very difficult time quitting.

I felt very alone because I didn’t know very many people that smoked or anyone that was smoking and quitting. And I actually really didn’t enjoy it either. So, it became a habit. It’s sort of like a down time thing. Just getting away from whatever the situation is because life was just always busy, 24/7. You know it didn’t seem like anything that was bad back in the day, until later on you hear people passing away with lung cancer, as your hair and your teeth, everything smells, and your teeth start yellowing. As I started getting older, I thought, 'Why am I doing this?'

We would always joke around and say, 'another cigarette is another nail in my coffin.' But we just kept on doing it. My girlfriend had introduced vaping to me. So, I bought a vape and started vaping. And, you know, to me it felt like you were still inhaling something and it’s still going into your lungs.

So, that was not an option for me anymore. So, I ended up finding baking to substitute smoking. When I bake, I’m in this mindset of so much love and care and appreciation for that person – because I’m always baking for someone. I don’t bake for myself. And people do say, 'Your cakes are really different and they’re just so special.' I say, 'It’s love. It’s love that‘s in there.'

The main thing that was important for me to quit was, learning to love myself, and care for myself. And I live a much healthier and happier life because of it. You know, look in the mirror. You are worthy to be loved. Love yourself and take good care of yourself.”

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