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Jerry, a white man and former tobacco user, speaks to the camera while sitting outside.

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Antonio, a former tobacco user, shares his quitting story
1+ Years Tobacco-free
“I used to be that guy who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.”
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1+ Years Tobacco-free
“The thing that really got me through quitting tobacco products was…”
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20 Years Tobacco-free
“I could literally have owned my home by now.”
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5 Years Tobacco-free
“What was important for me to quit was learning to love and care for myself.”
Neal, a former tobacco user, shares his quitting story
1 Year Tobacco-free
“The cravings were just amazing.”
Monica, a former tobacco user, shares her quitting story
3+ Years Tobacco-free
“Remove yourself as much as possible from those environments.”
“I found that doing something I loved, like working on cars, took my mind off wanting to smoke. I believe that’s what helped me.”
– Phillep
Smoked for 10 years, Tobacco-free for 2 years
Phillep, a former tobacco user, shares his quitting story
Couple hugging while cooking in kitchen

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