About QuitAssist®

Older adult woman, a former tobacco user, looks off camera

Altria Group's tobacco companies (Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company and John Middleton) believe the public should be guided by the messages of the Surgeon General and public health authorities worldwide in making decisions concerning the use of tobacco products. For adult consumers concerned about the health effects of smoking or smokeless tobacco use, the best thing to do is quit.

QuitAssist is a free information resource designed to help connect adult tobacco consumers who have decided to quit to expert quitting information from public health authorities. The QuitAssist website was developed by Philip Morris USA in 2004 in conjunction with a review board with expertise in the area of smoking cessation. In 2011, the site was significantly redesigned and re-launched at www.QuitAssist.com. The site is now being supported by all three of Altria's tobacco companies: Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. and John Middleton Co.

QuitAssist is a voluntary effort of Altria's tobacco companies, and is managed by Altria Client Services LLC on their behalf. The U.S. Surgeon General and other public health authorities have determined that tobacco products are addictive and cause serious diseases. It can be difficult to quit using tobacco and many who try to quit do not succeed. We hope that this QuitAssist resource will help tobacco users who have decided to quit be successful by connecting them to the best available information and advice.

This website is not intended to offer medical or psychological advice. This website contains citations to a number of third-party information sources, including websites, telephone resources and other organizations with additional information. These third-party information sources are not maintained by Altria Group, Inc. or its companies and may change without notice. The inclusion of these sources in no way indicates their endorsement, support or approval of the contents of this website or the policies or positions of Altria Group, Inc. or its companies.

QuitAssist Review Board

The original QuitAssist website was developed in conjunction with a review board with expertise in the area of smoking cessation, including :

  • Jonathan Bloomberg, M.D.

    University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers, Ph.D.

    Rutgers University

  • Rafael A. Javier, Ph.D.

    St. John’s University

  • Cheryl K. Olson, Sc.D.

    Health behavior researcher and consultant, Reston, VA

  • Jed E. Rose, Ph.D.

    Duke University Medical Center

  • Robert L. Sokolove, Ph.D.

    Boston University School of Medicine

The organizations with which the Review Board members are affiliated are listed for identification purposes only and do not imply the individual organizations' endorsement or participation in the creation of this resource.